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You have the grades, the ability and the character to succeed—now find out how a small investment in your university application can change the course of your life.

We help good candidates make sure their applications obtain acceptance. We know what admissions committees are looking for and we know how to maximize the impact of your submissions in perfect English. Our team is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish & English.

There are few factors more important than effectively communicating your strengths through your Personal Statement. You need to submit the best Personal Statement and application possible.

Here's why our customers love us:

We Are Professors.

We are university professors, native English speakers from the U.S. and Canada, and fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish. As professors, we decide among applicants in our own universities. We know what acceptance committees look for.

We Have a 95% Success Rate.

Average grades and a mediocre story are not going to get you into Harvard. If that’s you, don’t aim for Harvard. Your Applicant Adviser consultant will help you target a university program that you’re very likely to get into given your grades, your accomplishments and your story.

You Can
Afford Us.

What we do is incredibly valuable; it will change the course of your life. But we recognize that you have limited funds. We will get you into the graduate school program of your choice for a reasonable cost.

“Applicant Adviser helped me apply for the PhD in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York for 2018. The results couldn’t have been better. Not only was I approved into the PhD program, but I was also awarded a full scholarship. I believe it wouldn’t have been possible without their help.”

Allan M. Hillani, Curitiba, Brazil


We Know
Latin America.
We Know the U.S.

We live in Latin America and understand the inter-cultural context of applying for a degree in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere. Many factors other than your academic record—factors that you might think unimportant—contribute to a successful application.

It’s the Best Investment of Your Life.

What happens when you get into a great program? You become much better at what you do. You get a much better job. And you become much more effective in shaping the world you want. The right degree at the right university will change your life.

You Will Get
the Education
You Desire.

Our results speak for themselves.
From undergraduate students targeting
universities in the U.S. or Canada,
to young lawyers looking to get into
top LLM programs, to a CEO
we helped get into a post-graduate
program at Oxford.


“When I needed to sharpen up my resume and write a compelling cover letter for a senior management position at the Toronto office of a leading tax accounting firm, I chose Applicant Adviser. Their intimate knowledge of hiring manager psychology, mastery of English and attention to detail had the desired effect—I got the job!”

Melina Lukic, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Senior Tax Planner, KPMG Toronto


Invest in Your Future.

There’s nothing more important than shaping your future. Now is the time to take charge and do what you need to do to create a rich, fulfilling life for yourself.

Get Into the Program of Your Dreams.

The right university program—Masters, LLM, PhD, MBA or other—will make all the difference. Study under professors whose work aligns with your own academic interests.

Change Your Life.

The right education will change your life. It’s that simple. What kind of a life do you want to lead? If getting into the right university program will change your life, now’s the time.

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